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Have questions about the system? Do you want to test free?

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Currently, the image of the modern gambling cafes in many ways differs from stereotypes, which we were used to see from the second half of the last century. In place of the bulky and difficult to maintain slot machines, came quick and efficient computers. Moreover, the managers and cashiers now can easier keep records of the number of gambling chips, count profit and control the correct operation of all systems.

The main reason for it is presented by simple in terms of management and self-installation service RiverSlot Sweepstakes, allowing each entrepreneur to feel as a full owner of the gambling house!

What is RiverSlot Sweepstakes?

For those, who can not bear with idea of creating their own online gambling machine, RiverSlot Sweepstakes offers access to a ready and smoothly running platform, providing three major gaming disciplines, including:

  • enthralling keno
  • professional video poker
  • realistic video slots.

The customer has access to well-functioning network, consisting of a central computer, which main task is monitoring the gameplay and taking control of return percantage, as well as connected gaming devices, having user access and rights.

Administrator's role consists only of accounting of funds invested by gamblers, through entering data into a single database, as well as the selective granting of bonuses to active players and newcomers, according to the protocols BounceBack and Match-up Bonus.

Features and Benefits of RiverSlot Sweepstakes service.

Entrusting the fate of the gaming cafe to the professionals from River Slot Sweepstakes, the tenant receives a wide range of benefits, including:

  • no costs for the purchase of high-performance computers
  • minimum requirements for Internet connection speed
  • the ability to service mobile devices
  • the possibility of an emergency data save in the case of failure in the system
  • the ability to personalize the platform, according to the customer's preferences
  • opportunity to receive free advices at any stage of cooperation.

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