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Have questions about the system? Do you want to test free?

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Online casinos and clubs hastily transferred to the control software called System Onfirepay which can be downloaded at the developer website. This opportunity was used for more than by 700 casinos that in time appreciated the advantages of the new system and entrusted her to manage their online institutions.

All one need to pass all the problems of management of online casino on to the new system is to send the managers of the developer of the new application your application with the wish to purchase the necessary software. After the consideration of the application the potential customer will receive everything one needs to download the system.

What one need to specify in the application

If a potential customer wants to receive from the developer a positive response to ones request then one need to seriously consider filling a special form. In a special form must specify the address, the name of the online casino or club and the contacts future customer. One must specify only the necessary information.

If everything is filled out correctly and meets the developer’s needs the client receives a login and password to log in. Only then one can download and install the software on ones computer.

The System Onfirepay is equally well installs at Microsoft Windows and Linux. Therefore the owners of the two operating systems can successfully download the software.

Functions are many and all useful

Developer of the System Onfirepay took seriously to put before ourselves the problem and created really effective software that helps manage the online institutions. The second title of the program is Global Slots.

Among the many functions of the program can be identified such as:

  • several methods of output and input of money into the system;
  • a list of 120 games leading game software manufacturers (which include both classic games as well as entirely new);
  • one can control the game in various ways;
  • existence of internal templates, administrator and cashier has its own role and they only have access to certain parts of the System.

In addition one can adjust the jackpots and set minimum and maximum gain for each gaming machine. System’s developer has provided two game interface and different game modes. The versatility of the System makes it indispensable.

If one consider that it is on the server with the highest degree of protection its value can not be overestimated. Today it is the most demanded System for managing an online casino.

Feedbacks of users of the system are very positive. Send request and receive permission to download and install the software at any time. Download and install System Onfirepay today.